Shar (pronounced SHAHR) The Mistress of the Night, a Greater Deity she is the goddess of dark, night, loss, forgetfulness, unrevealed secrets, caverns, dungeons, the Underdark. She is a Neutral Evil deity, and the twin sister to Selûne.

She is the creator of the Shadow Weave which is as a counterpart and aims to foil the Weave, controlled by Mystra, the goddess of magic. The creation of the Shadow Weave has made Shar the eternal enemy of the goddess of magic, Mystra. This has resulted in the brewing of a terrible war between these two powerful deities.

She is also known as the Nightsinger, Lady Loss, and the Dark Goddess.

Reveal secrets only to fellow members of the faithful. Never follow hope or turn to promises of success. Quench the light of the moon (agents and items of Selûne) whenever you find it, and hide from it when you cannot prevail. The dark is a time to act, not wait. It is forbidden to strive to better your lot in life or to plan ahead save when directly overseen by the faithful of the Dark Deity. Consorting with the faithful of good deities is a sin except in business dealings or to corrupt them from their beliefs. Obey and never speak out against ranking clergy unless it would result in your own death.


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