Rules Changes and Important notes

A Few House Rules

Paladins are not required to be LG. Their alignment must match that of their deity’s
ex: A paladin following Bane, the god of tyranny, strife, hatred and fear, must be LE because Bane is LE


This small campaign takes place in Faerun. There are a few notable changes for those familiar with the setting.

  • Mystra, the goddess of magic, has been killed and no one has taken up her mantle. Because of this there are large portions of the world where magic is “wild” and unstable. Some portions of the world are complete magical dead zones where magic simply doesnt work.
  • Divine magic works fine, unless you are cleric of Mystra, in which case there is no one to grant you your spells.
  • As Mystra is dead, many of the most powerful wizards and such have gone missing. Notable ones are: Khelben Blackstaff, The Simbul, and Elminster.
  • The death of Mystra is recent, only a matter of a few weeks. This matters to you because you were a an initiate into the order of the Harpers. The Harpers are, in the eyes of many nobles, Elminsters crew of misfits. These members were sent out into the world to harvest magical items, or plant them for others to find, and to investigate various matters. With Mystra dead, and Elminster, Khelben, and The Simbul missing, the Harpers are in utter disarray.

Being only an initiate to the Harpers you do not currently have the Harpers Prestige class available to you. Nor is it a requirement that your character worship Mystra.

Rules Changes and Important notes

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