A Brief History Lesson as it Concerns the Harpers

A very long time ago a young man was chosen by Mystra to be her “presence” in Faerun. He was chosen to spread her word, to bring the use of magic to the masses, and to smite those who would use her gift of magic to suppress others. He was also to correct those that would horde magic to themselves rather than teach it to others, in a fitting way.

Over time he began to recruit others to his side. This started with a wizard named Khelben Blackstaff whom Elminster had trained personally; also including Khelben’s wife and The Simbul, a sorceress so powerful that she would later storm the gates of hell to rescue Elminster from a powerful Arch-Demon. Together they formed the Harpers.

They soon recruited other like minded individuals to the order and began to spread their influence. Their basic credo is “Help the weak, Protect the opressed, Spread the magic, Smite the wicked.”

The Harpers are not concerned with whether or not you worship Mystra, though most in their numbers do, as long as you can help their cause. They seek to one day create a world where magic is no longer feared or used to rule those who cant use it. They actively investigate many mysteries around the entirety of Faerun, and many nobles will ask them to intervene in problems that plague their domains. Some of which have been evil magic users or dangerous and rare monsters.

The Harpers do not always take on tasks offered by every noble though, if the case does not appear to need their help as much as another. Or even if the case is simply too mundane, such as a small ragtag band of kobolds killing live stock, it’s simply not as dire as a powerful necromancer raising an army of the dead to destroy a kingdom. They will then decline and give the noble the name of a local group who could conceivably help them with their issue.

A Brief History Lesson as it Concerns the Harpers

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