A Ruined World

The Happenings Thus Far

Four weeks ago you set out to find the Harpers and were allowed to become an initiate. As part of the initiation into the order you were sent to a small town in the Dales called Morrowdale to investigate a series of disappearances.

Wrapped up the investigation you discovered that it was a Wight plaguing the small town, so you dispatched of it. Upon returning to the town after about three days you noticed it had undergone a transformation while you were gone.

The buildings now all appeared dilapidated and run down, the crops were all wilted and the animals were all dead. To make matters worse, several zombies, skeletons, and ghouls can be seen shambling throughout the town square.

You leave deciding that your fellow Harpers must be contacted and request assistance. Upon arriving at the town border an invisible wall blocks your path and a vision soon comes to you. A screaming woman with raven black hair engulfed in flame writhes in your field of vision, followed by a mans voice “She has died! My Harpers and I must take a leave of absence. Until further notice I need you to help all those in need in your assigned areas. You must help to maintain order. Help those in need. Protect the weak. Bring low the wicked.”

The voice was Elminster speaking, the man who founded the Harpers, the Chosen of Mystra. And it was Mystra who had died in the sudden vision. Realizing you need to deal with this problem, there is no choice but to do it alone, it must be done quickly. First things first, find any survivors.



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