A Ruined World

Day One

When we returned we found the the city in ruins. Possibly by way of desecration, though the area it covers is so vast.

We approached the first house, deciding to look for survivors and came across thee animated skeletons each wielding a bow. They were dispatched but there was nothing else in the house we could make out, it seemed those that lived here had been well to do while they were alive. We continued the search, looking at their well house, even the water there was stagnate and undrinkable. Further searching of the surrounding area turned up an empty peasant house with rotting food, and rusting cast iron. Upon leaving this area of houses we were set upon by a wight but made quick work of it, though it then exploded in a burst of unholy energy.

The Silverfish river that this town makes its money by shipping food to the large majority of the word through was also affected, the waters disgusting with dead fish floating around. It should be noted that even the ground itself seemed devoid of life, there were no bugs or even rats making due with the left over food or dead fish. The rivers boathouse was also empty.

We continued making our way around to the Town Square while checking buildings along the way for survivors. At the first of the larger houses on our path we were ambushed by a drow ranger atop a giant spider. after several minutes of fighting he managed to blind us with a flash of magic and escape. Whoever he is or where he’s or even who he’s with is anyone’s guess, but they know we’re here now.

Checking the blacksmith for anyone turned up nothing, though we were rewarded with four magical items, they stood out as the only things not decayed to uselessness. One of the items a sword was recognizable as The Holy Avenger, the paladin wields that now, but where did it come from, how would a blacksmith in such a modest town come into posession of such a powerful, one of a kind artifact. Also among them a shield with bashing that would bite the opponent as well, an animated warhammer with holy properties and finally a scimitar. It emits some slight feeling of evil the paladin gathered but I was unable to determine what it did. The ranger wields it now but I’m keeping watch on him for any strange behaviors.

The next building, the last one before reaching the town square had wights in it feasting on dead and rotting flesh, we killed them and discovered in the room a secret trap door, the ranger was able to remove the trap on the trap door and we descended after some debate closing the door back. There we found a gnome, the only living member of this town we have found so far. We equipped him with some Holy water as he was leaving at nightfall to escape on his ship. He informed us that the building we had met the drow at also had a secret door like this one, it had been turned into an altar to Shar, the largest building in the town square also has a trap door behind the counter.

He gave us two magical coins engraved with the insignia of Kelemvor before he left in the night. We rest here till morning.

Who was that strange little gnome, how had he managed to survive scouting this blighted town, and how does he plan to survive his escape into the night? Where did these obviously powerful items come from? They are far too powerful to have just been laying around in that old blacksmith’s shop and not been noticed by that drow ranger.

Where that strange little gnome has managed to survive, surely there are others…

The Happenings Thus Far

Four weeks ago you set out to find the Harpers and were allowed to become an initiate. As part of the initiation into the order you were sent to a small town in the Dales called Morrowdale to investigate a series of disappearances.

Wrapped up the investigation you discovered that it was a Wight plaguing the small town, so you dispatched of it. Upon returning to the town after about three days you noticed it had undergone a transformation while you were gone.

The buildings now all appeared dilapidated and run down, the crops were all wilted and the animals were all dead. To make matters worse, several zombies, skeletons, and ghouls can be seen shambling throughout the town square.

You leave deciding that your fellow Harpers must be contacted and request assistance. Upon arriving at the town border an invisible wall blocks your path and a vision soon comes to you. A screaming woman with raven black hair engulfed in flame writhes in your field of vision, followed by a mans voice “She has died! My Harpers and I must take a leave of absence. Until further notice I need you to help all those in need in your assigned areas. You must help to maintain order. Help those in need. Protect the weak. Bring low the wicked.”

The voice was Elminster speaking, the man who founded the Harpers, the Chosen of Mystra. And it was Mystra who had died in the sudden vision. Realizing you need to deal with this problem, there is no choice but to do it alone, it must be done quickly. First things first, find any survivors.


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